This site will be our common place that will guide us through the entire process of creating your interior design. Here you will find all the outputs and materials that we discuss during consultations and meetings. You can download all the materials to your computer or view them online at this link.

This site is not public, only those with the exact link can access it.

A message for you

Thank you for a very pleasant meeting today! Together we have started the first phase of the design and this is the layout of your project.  Below you can find a list of requirements and an indicator of the whole design process. Thanks to this, you will have an overview of what is happening and what awaits us.

I believe that together we will find the way to the perfect interior, just for you ..

Under each section it is possible to insert a comment where you can ask any questions, or simply call 🙂

Project after changes


Here we can watch how our work

is going 🙂

Dokončeno 60%
  • List of requirements and wishes
  • Creating a 3D model
  • Creating a layout
  • Presentation of the proposal
  • Processing requests or changes
  • Agreeing layout and concept
  • Sampling of used materials and color combination
  • Project handover
  • Payment for the project
  • Launch of phase 3 - realization

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List of requirements

Here you will find a basic list of your requirements for the future interior. Thanks to the list, we can return to the basic requirements during the entire process and at the end evaluate how many of them were successfully incorporated.

  • Functional and bright interior.
  • Connecting design with corporate philosophy.
  • Compliance with mandatory standards for toilets.

Presentation of the proposal